Tap into the Power of Your Mortality
Become the man you were made to be. 
Live the life you were made to live. 
We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity, convenience, technological advancement, and global connectivity.

You can live in a Costa Rican paradise while servicing clients that live in St. Louis or Bangkok or Sydney. Need a new car? Buy it online and have it delivered to your door. No time to get to the grocery store? No problem--the grocery store will do your shopping for you and deliver it to your home. Don’t like your job? Get a new one, or start your own gig. 

Options and opportunities abound! 

Awesome, right? Well, yes...and no. 

There is one big, nasty, buzz-killing, game-changing, fly-in-the-ointment kind of problem.


We are going to die. 

YOU are going to die. It's just a matter of when and how.

There's no escaping it. And many of us are strolling to our deaths down a garden path of mediocrity and unfulfilled potential--distracted and amused by the shiny objects, novelties, trivialities, and comforts that our modern age serves up 24/7. We have an idea of who we're capable of being, dreams we want to make reality, and we're uncomfortably aware of challenges that we're avoiding. We want to make changes in these areas, but we also don't want to. Because it's easier not to. Maybe you can relate to one of these...
  • You avoid that hot button issue with your spouse or partner, and it's quietly strangling your relationship.
  • ​You keep the dream of who you could be or the big idea you've had for years at arm's length because it feels too risky or you're "too busy" to go for it. 
  • ​You stay in the job with the golden handcuffs because, well, they're golden. But they're also handcuffs. 
  • You'll prioritize your health once the business is stable...5 or 10 years from now. 
  • You'll start spending quality time with your kids once this work project wraps up. Ok, well, after this next project wraps up, things should clear up for a bit. 
  • ​You've been "successful" according to some of the conventional metrics, but you know deep down that your life is missing the mark. 
  • ​You've achieved the personal or professional dreams of your youth earlier than expected (congrats!), and now you're encountering the painful reality that you don't know what to do with yourself. 
  • ​You [insert your favorite flavor of mediocrity here...]. 
We all have our own flavor of denial and avoidance and favorite ways of assuring ourselves that "I'll get to it tomorrow." 

Welcome to the human condition.

Gents, "tomorrow" never comes. There is only NOW.  

Band of Brothers

"The Graveyard Group has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. This group of men has been supportive with my immediate hurdles as well as moving forward in life. The band of brothers I’ve had an opportunity to grow with has been indispensable. I can’t envision myself being in the same place in life without these men."

-Vince Coleman, Founder & Owner, Coleman's Haberdashery

Which Guy Are You?

I can't tell you how many 50, 55, 60 year old men I've worked with as a coach who--weeping--wake up and realize that they've given their best to things that matter least in the grand scheme of things. They didn't set out to do that. But unfortunately they also didn't set out NOT to do that. One day just rolled into another...and into another...and into another. These men all worked hard in their given professions, put in a lot of hours, and had a certain kind of "success." But they're shaken to the core when they realize that the sand in the hourglass of life is quickly slipping away. 

Don't become that guy. 

Become the man you were made to be. Live the life you were made to live. 

Essential to My Wellbeing

"The Graveyard Group has been essential to my wellbeing. The format Andrew uses creates a deep, intimate, "rare" conversation, which lends to changing our lives for the better. The sense of community I feel as a member of a Graveyard Group mastermind has given me new perspective. It has challenged my normal ways of handling life, and the key ingredient the group continues to give me is a more fulfilling life NOW. One of my favorite aspects of the group is I get what I give. There are no expectations or rigid accountabilities that lie beneath the surface of the conversations we have. We are simply a group of guys trying to help each other navigate the harsh realities and the best victories life throws at us. I am very thankful for the group and for Andrew creating it!"

-Eric Schissler, Owner, Bella Vista Estate

This is Why I Started The Graveyard Group

I started The Graveyard Group to carve out a consistent time and place to work on the things that matter most with the confidential camaraderie of a few other guys--guys fighting the same epic battle to create their best lives--and my guidance as your coach. A consistent time and place to work on the things that, if neglected for too long, become our biggest death-bed regrets. A consistent time and place to work on the things that can become our greatest gifts to the world. 

Because the fact is that if we don't intentionally make time 
for this work, it simply won't happen. 

Well, that's not entirely true. There is one other alternative...

  • You could wait until crisis strikes--a major illness hits you or a loved one, someone close to you dies, you lose your job, etc.--to finally wake up and make this work a priority. 
I don' know about you, but I think that alternative sucks. 

Don't wait until life forces you to pay attention to the things that matter most. By then, a lot of precious time has already been lost. Take control of your story, take control of your legacy, take control of the parts of your life that are yours to control. There's plenty we can't control, but how we use our time and the priorities we choose are absolutely up to us. 

Puts Life In Proper Perspective

The Graveyard Group has helped me immensely by opening up my introverted self and addressing issues that likely wouldn’t be addressed otherwise. Knowing that I can bring up personal issues without any judgment makes broaching the hard topics a much more comfortable experience. Facing your own mortality each week puts life in proper perspective.

-Patrick Ayres, Chef, The Periodic Table

This is How It Works

Death is the problem, but remarkably, Death is also the solution. 

When we make it a habit to keep our Mortality front-and-center, we tap into the most powerful motivator available to make the changes we need to make. It blasts us out of our complacency and into action. 

Each week, you and your 5 other mastermind brothers--your own personal, confidential advisory board--gather to remember that you are going to die, but you're not dead yet! One person is in the "hot seat," and I (as your coach) and the others listen to and provide feedback on the hot seat issue, opportunity, or challenge. This is a no-BS zone. We will tell you what we think, straight up. The stakes are too high not to. 

They're our opinions, but it's YOUR life. What you do with the feedback you receive is completely up to you. 

There's power in the group dynamic that we simply don't get 1-1. The wisdom and energy of the group builds on itself. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Give the gift of YOU, the one and only you--fully alive, fully engaged, fully committed--to your friends, family, colleagues, community, and the world. 


"It’s unique in that a group of adult men can sit in a room and have open, honest, meaningful conversation without fear of judgment or condemnation. It’s extremely powerful to feel camaraderie and belonging--when the guys sitting to your left and right are courageous enough to be open about very similar struggles that most men carry silently throughout their lives."

-Dave Merlina, Private Chef

Isn't This What Our Friends Are For?

If your friends consistently serve as a catalyst for specific, real-world action NOW on the big things in life, reminding you of your Mortality as a key motivator, and if one of your friends is a professional coach gifted at guiding you through life, then yes--you've got this challenge licked for now, and you don't need to read any further. 

But NO ONE I know--especially no MEN--has friends that serve this purpose for them in this way and with this effect.

We may have friends with whom we can be honest, raw, and vulnerable and receive the benefit of acceptance and encouragement and even some challenge now and then. They may help us stay in the game and get back up when we're knocked down. Those are awesome, invaluable traits to have in friendships. Preserve those friendships at all costs!

But our friends have other obligations and competing needs and wants. And sometimes, we just want to enjoy a friend's company--not do big life work together. 

With friends, it's complicated. 

It's different in The Graveyard Group. 

We meet each week at the same time for the express, stated, single purpose of tapping into the power of our mortality to become the men we were made to be and live the lives we were made to live. We get to the big work right away, in doses that are both aggressive AND do-able. 

And when you put your money and your time on the line to get different results in life, you show up ready to do the work.  

Along the way, we develop brotherhood forged in the heat of being on the same epic mission together. We experience the joy of being known and accepted as we are--and then challenged to become an even better version of ourselves. It's exhilarating.  

There's a deep inner satisfaction that comes from prioritizing life's big stuff each week. It boosts your confidence, your sense of self-integrity, your sense of potency in the world. And there's deep satisfaction in taking greater ownership of your life and its impact and seeing real-world, real-time results. 

So, no,  unless your friends already do all of this for you, this is not what your friends are for.

An Exceptional Experience

I have been a member of Andrew's Graveyard Group mastermind for about a year and would say that it is THE SINGLE MOST IMPACTFUL group that I have ever been a part of. The structure is tight and forces us into strong conversations about things that truly MATTER in our lives. Members are encouraged to "go deep" and man, do we. I have never before had such rare and meaningful conversations that turned into actions that I've been held accountable for week after week. It's an exceptional experience. Andrew is a masterful facilitator who is able to intuitively help us get to the "real" issues and keep us engaged on the real work of living our best lives. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Graveyard Group at nearly any investment level.

-Chad James, Business Coach, Creator of the Smart Life Method

Your Investment

The word "investment" is intentional. Unlike most other things in life, this is an opportunity that will pay you back many times over and then some. 

For an initial commitment of 6 months, meeting weekly, your financial investment is $200/mth. Just $50/wk for my guidance as your coach, your own confidential advisory board of several other dudes fighting life's best and biggest battles with you, and the opportunity to turbocharge your progress toward becoming the man you were made to be and living the life you were made to live. 

Bang for buck, this is an absolute steal. 

The weekly frequency and initial one-year commitment are important ingredients in the power of The Graveyard Group experience. Weekly frequency means you're in the hot seat every 6-8 weeks--enough time to put your last hot seat takeaways into action, and not so often that it becomes burdensome. The one-year commitment gives you and your peers the time necessary to develop the trust and camaraderie that are essential for tackling life's biggest stuff and creating brotherhood. 

Invest in yourself, for your own benefit and your impact in the world. Along the way, you're investing in 5 other guys and their impact in the world. Awesome. 

New groups are forming now. I hope you'll join us! Complete the form below to join today. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions: 

andrew@digdeepwinbig.com | 757-869-8271

All the best,
Andrew Petty
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